Time for a Boiler Replacement? Start Saving Money on Energy Bills

Clink, clunk, clunk. The disturbing sounds that come from your basement when it is time for a boiler replacement. Most homes throughout the world are either heated with furnaces or boilers that are used to distribute heated air through the house. Boiler ReplacementCentral heating and cooling systems rely on the boiler and a few other key components to effectively utilize the air ducts built in modern structures. Unfortunately, a boiler replacement is nothing to be laughed at. A boiler can either be replaced or be retrofitted. A boiler retrofit simply means to add supplemental peripherals to the current boiler system in order to increase efficiency.

However, the current heating system will need to be thoroughly analyzed before a retrofitting can even be brought into speculation. On the other hand, boiler replacements can be a very strenuous process in both the financial and emotional sectors. Finding the right boiler replacement for your home can be a difficult thing for those who are novices in the area. Beyond that, finding a good professional installer to come and install the boiler or retrofitting at a good price can prove to be a challenge as well. For most, a boiler replacement only occurs once every 15 -20 years, which is a very big plus for the wallets of most. When that time does come, you should look at all the benefits of getting your boiler replaced.

The Pros of Boiler Replacement

About 20 years ago, boilers operated at a pretty high efficiency level, for their time that is. Today, energy saving units are highly preferred for many reasons including the tough economy and our reliance on foreign energies. A boiler from the mid 1980s to mid 1990s had an efficiency level of anywhere from 56% – 70%. A modern day boiler has an efficiency level of 97%.

What does that really mean?

energy efficient boilers

Saying that something is 20% more efficient does not really mean anything until you understand what is really accomplished when getting a boiler replacement. That percentage is based on what is called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating or AFUE. When upgrading your boiler to a more modern model you could drop the cost of your energy bills dramatically, especially in cold-climate homes. In terms of monetary figures, you could save up to £47.36 per £100 dollars spent on fuel costs to heat your home.

That is almost half! In addition to saving half your money by getting a boiler replacement, the other main benefit is that you will be indirectly helping the environment. An old boiler can put out almost 3 tons in carbon dioxide emissions each year. When you get a new boiler replacement, you can cut that number in half. A new boiler at a 90% efficiency rate only puts out an estimated 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide. Even lower if you get an Energy Star rated boiler replacement at a 97% efficiency rate. Finally, the most obvious fact of them all is that old boilers are giants!

The technology is clearly much more advanced in the newer boilers of today as they are much less bulky and twice as efficient. To start saving money on your energy bills, a boiler replacement is highly recommended.

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