Save Money on Energy by Power Flushing Your Heating System

Contrary to what some may believe, power flushing is the not the technology that allows you to flush your toilet really fast. Well, not directly anyway although there are technologies that exist for that purpose that is not what power flushing is.

Power flush is the process of cleansing your central heating systems of corrosion and debris. Power Flushing MachineA central heating system can accumulate quite a bit of blockage in its years of work. All that debris can cause many problems with your central heating system that will make it operate at a less than optimal level. The mission of power flushing is to pour a balanced chemical and water mixture into the pipes of the central heating system and allow them circulate through. While hooking up a power flushing machine to the system pump to cleanse the lime scale and corrosion, the power flushing process can also improve radiator performance and heat output making it like a great investment in your homes energy output.

Power Flushing Indicators

Jet flushing, hard flushing, and chemical flushing are also phrases used for power flushing. However, what to call the process is not as big a deal as when the time to call for it is. A very common problem that occurs is that homeowners just are not aware that their central heating system is need of a chemical power flushing.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to know that it is time for a power flush. All central heating systems are different and often show different signs that a chemical flush is needed so that can make it difficult to predict. In fact, most new boiler installations require a power flush cleansing as well. Optimistically speaking, there are signs that one can look for that will indicate whether a power flushing needs to be done soon or not. Some of the signs are listed below

  • Loud boiler – Has your boiler been making obnoxious and unexplainable noises? This is could attributed to the build of sludge and lime. Or it could be the inefficient circulation due to a blocked pump that is telling you it is time for a power flushing
  • Cold home – Of course, if your boiler is operating inefficiently than your homes heating source will be lacking as well. If your thermostat indicates one temperature and home feels like much less, than it could be time for a chemical power flushing
  • Dirty or cold water – Does washing the dishes or taking a short shower strip your home of all its hot water? Perhaps it fluctuates between hot and cold erratically. If your water is looks dirty or is constantly cold, it could indicate your pipes being blocked
  • Radiator top or bottom – If your radiator is cold at the top or bottom, it is never a good a thing. If it is cold at the bottom, this could be due to the build up of sludge that will not allow the heat to reach. If it is cold at the top, this is most likely caused by the gas building up at the top because of rusting.

If you are experiencing any of these indicators it may be time a professional power flushing expert is contacted.

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